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By EunYoung Sebazco

We been trying to have a sustainable practice on our small rice paddies even though they are a “man-made wetland.” One of them is duckweeds, which is a rice companion plant. We have been growing duckweeds on our paddies since last year.

Lets say what the duckweeds do. IMG_20130803_090049They clean the water, provide bio-fertilizer, allege control, and limit mosquitoes. These are things that humans are not able to control without adding chemicals. Also, duckweeds contain high amounts of protein, more so than soy bean. Duckweeds are a good food resource in some parts of Asia for both animals and humans. Maybe we can also use duckweeds as a supplement for our teenage stage of chickens. Duckweeds spread quick, colonies of them could cause a problem of oxygen. But, don’t worry, we have a solar air pump and other good friends working together in the water. (Photo from Akaogi Farm, August 2013)

We (Koreans) call duckweeds ” Keguri bap” means ” Bullfrog’s rice”. A lot of time Bullfrogs live in the rice paddies. The duckweeds are extremely dense on the surface of the water that when they swim out of the water, their face is covered with duckweeds. 0.49809900_1368408945So, it looks like bluegills are eating the duckweeds. That’s how we named it? In Korea while the little children are eating rice and get some rice on their face, the parents say ” You have bullfrog’s rice your face”. I love the sound of word keguri bap. (Photo: http://bric.postech.ac.kr)


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