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By Nick Storrs

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With Yoshi helping the students use rice to create a fantastic lunch, I talked with them about how rice grows and helped them transplant our seedling into the Rice Paddies. We began by getting up close and personal with the true roots of rice. Our new rice roots are anchored in about 18 inches of compost. The student reacted with a wild mixture of horror, interest, and excitement at the sight of our deep, gooey, muddy compost. They learned about about how the different type of compost are formed, whether from vegetable matter or manure. As well as how the nutrients in the soil will be used to grow strong healthy plants, with nutritious rice kernels.

We then got to work by laying out the planting rows by pulling twine over the paddy and gathering together the trays of plugs. From here on in it was all about getting a chance to play in the mud! Everyone jumped in elbow deep as they eagerly stuffed plugs of rice plants down under the murky water into the soil beneath. It was a little tricky, at times, to keep the mud down in the rice paddies and not all over our neighbors but it was a lot fun.

When we were all done we had two large rice paddies all filled up with transplants ready to continue growing until our harvest in November as well as full bellies from our time with Yoshi. We really had a great day with Chef Yoshi, Chef Mihyun, and the Esperanza Preparatory Academy.


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